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Staff and Volunteers | brixtoninclusive.org

Staff and Volunteers

Staff and Volunteers

Artistic Director- Amani Naphtali

Amani Naphtali is a trained dramatist, writer, director and filmmaker. As a director Amani has worked with some of the most recognisable and groundbreaking theatre companies across the U.K. He is a dedicated exponent of the Afrikan Ritualistic genre and a pioneer of Multi Genre interdisciplinary practice. He has directed musicals, films and dance productions for stage and television, working with international artists.

Amani is responsible for setting and managing the organisation’s creative agenda including our weekly term-based and holiday workshops and projects for Children’s and Young People. As Artistic Director Amani works closely with our voluntary practitioner team who lead and support the sessions and directs the company and guides its inclusive ethos, initiating productions and performances.

Specialist Programmes Manager:


We are particularly interested in working with facilitators who are trained in inclusive skills such as Child Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Child Protection or specialist skills such as British sign Language.

If you have strong experience working with children and are able to to deliver fun and exciting Arts activities in an inclusive manner, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss opportunities on either telephone: 07399 261211 (please bear in mind we are not in the office full- time but, we will endeavour to return your call as soon as possible) or email: info@brixtoninclusive.org

Volunteering at Brixton Inclusive

Volunteers play a crucial role at Brixton Inclusive. Each week, sessions are led, supported and evaluated by a team of voluntary practitioners who are experienced in inclusive practice and techniques and who support individuals’ needs and bring creativity and passion to the sessions. After each session, the whole team has a ‘debrief’ to evaluate the session and all its components and this is with a view to helping develop and improve our practice constantly.

Volunteering with Brixton Inclusive can be a unique an extremely rewarding experience – one volunteer wrote the following:

Inclusive theatre and performance arts are about celebrating difference and individuality because they are strengths. My involvement with Brixton Inclusive has provided me with a good understanding of the social model of disability and challenged my perception on what it means to be included. I have come to learn that inclusivity is a way of life, a process that is continuously developing and it can be as unpredictable as life because it adapts meet the needs of the individual. To work within the model of inclusion I believe you must ask the question ‘what can this individual achieve? When we start from this premise we don’t see barriers and limitations, instead the workshop becomes a forum of exploration, a space where alternative creative ideas can be explored. My experiences and challenges whilst working for Brixton Inclusive have taught me that the journey to inclusion is as important as the destination, that excellence is all about perception and progress is about equality”.

Being a volunteer practitioner with us involves supporting the sessions while taking some time to become familiar with the group and the way we work. Usually volunteers also have opportunities to lead sessions and always input into the development of workshop plans and design. This kind of participatory approach is an integral aspect of our inclusive ethos.

Please note that you must be willing to undergo an enhanced CRB check if you are volunteering with us at our Monday evening sessions or if any of the project work you do with us involves children and young people.

There are many different ways you can volunteer with us. Please click here to find out more.